AUA - From Austria to the World GigaPixel series

Commissioned by Austrian Airlines and in collaboration with renown Austrian photographer Lois Lammerhuber and Ars Electronica, this project has been the first of the "From Austria to the World" series. It features five GigaPixel photographs of NYC shot from the 61st floor of the Rockefeller Center. The installation provides a unique fly-over view of New York City during different times of a day, starting from early morning and finishing with a night panorama view of the NYC cityscape. My involvement as part of the Ars Electronica engineering team that worked on the project included the development of custom software that allowed these amazing images to be rendered and animated in real-time and seamlessly across the 15x9 meters display wall covering a total of 165 displays ( or 530 megapixels ) powered by 60 servers. The software takes advantage of the Equalizer library in order to scale across this massive display wall and is written in C++ . The developed framework was also used for the next part of the same series featuring a 27 GigaPixels image of Paris. You can find more info about these projects here and there.

Image & Video Credits : Lois Lammerhuber, Martin Acker, Ars Electronica