Landestheater - Musiktheater Linz

Ars Electronica did a series of installations for the new Musiktheater of Linz. My part was the interactive table that offers visitors a chance to explore old and contemporary content of famous musicals, operas and theater performances. The table holds 4 scanners that the user can place postcards on in order to be presented with relevant media content regarding the specific topic/protagonist. Since this was for the most part a video based installation I decided to go with python and specifically libavg which offers out-of-the-box really fast video decoding. The use of python also allowed for really fast database integration and a simple web interface for adding/removing content through the use of django and grappeli.

A first iteration of the same concept, based on camera tracking, was developed while at FutureLab for the Linz Changes Exhibition.

Image & Video Credits: Ars Electronica